We are obsessed with providing the best experience to our partners and that means listening to what YOU have to say!  Every week, we will share YOUR questions about uberPOOL and answer it below.  Just tap the button below to submit a question! 

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1) When is the best time to earn the most on uberPOOL?

The best time to earn on uberPOOL is from 7-10AM in the downtown core. Last week over 70% of trips matched during these hours. Uber is offering a promotion to riders where they can ride uberPOOL for $6 at these times. Even though riders are paying less, partners still get regular uberPOOL fares and even surge rates!

2) Will trips automatically be accepted, even when I am on the highway?

The application knows when you are on the highway so it tries not to match uberPOOL trips when it is unsafe to do so. The application will try to match trips before the highway so that you can multiple fares at once with the most overlap. Remember, even if a trip doesn’t match, the Uber service fee is only 10%.  

3) Can I set my destination to take me to the busiest areas? 

Yes! Pro Earnings Tip: Go online and tap the clipboard icon in the top corner of your screen to set your destination. By setting your destination to somewhere in the downtown core, you can pick up riders who are heading in the same direction and then you’ll be in the best position to earn even more! LEARN MORE!

4) How do I accept a second or third uberPOOL request while I am driving?

Each additional rider will be added to the uberPOOL trip automatically. Your route and directions will be updated automatically. Your Uber partner app will notify you with a banner at the top of your screen and a sound so be sure to listen for it!

5) Can I cancel a trip after it was automatically accepted?

Yes. If your car is full, or if the additional pickup is very inconvenient, you can cancel the additional request. However, earnings are generally higher when you have multiple pick-ups on the same uberPOOL.

6) How much is the fee for a rider “no-show”?

If a rider takes longer than 2 minutes then they will be charged a fee of $5. If a rider cancels within 2 minutes, they will be charged a cancellation fee of $2. We have introduced a new countdown timer so you can see when the time is up. Call riders when you arrive and let them know it is a 2-minute wait (to be considerate to other riders waiting).

7) What happens when I get a new request and all of the seats are already full? 

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you confirm the number of riders before you start the trip. The application knows the capacity of your car and will NOT send any requests when your car is full. If the capacity is incorrectly entered, the app may automatically accept new riders. uberPOOL has a maximum of 4 passengers at one time.

8) When I am on an uberPOOL trip that gets stuck in traffic, the fare amount is too low to cover my expenses. What are you doing to fix that?  

We are now reviewing ALL trips that take longer than expected and will be making fare adjustments if that happens.  The app estimates the time and distance that it should take to reach a destination, but sometimes the estimate is off because of traffic. We will pay you the correct amount of the fare to top you up for the extra time that it took. You will see details on your payment statement if you received a fare adjustment. 

9) How do I know who I should drop first?

uberPOOL is calibrated to take the most efficient route on the map! If you follow the GPS, the app will automatically tell you which rider to dropoff first. 

10) Do riders know that they are selecting an uberPOOL?

We have made changes to the rider app to make it more clear to riders that they are selecting uberPOOL. Now riders can clearly see that they are selecting an “uberPOOL” on their request screen. This will reduce the number of times that riders mistakenly select uberPOOL.

11) Can an uberPOOL rider request multiple stops?

No. With uberPOOL, the rider has to input their destination before they request a trip. The app calculates the most efficient routes and the best pick-ups on the route. It's important to remind riders before a trip starts that they are taking an uberPOOL trip. Politely remind the rider that uberPOOL trips cannot have multiple stops for the same rider. This is what makes it so affordable for riders!