Acceptance rates are calculated as a percentage of the total number of requests you accept out of those sent to you while online. If you get 10 requests while you're online and you accept 9 of them, then your acceptance rate is 90%.


Maintaining a high acceptance rate is crucial to keeping the Uber system reliable for both riders and drivers. Each ride request is sent to the nearest online partner-driver, so when you don't accept a request that comes to you, you are contributing to longer trips for both partners and riders. This means lower earnings for partners and a poor experience for riders. Part of providing 5-star service is being reliable. You should try to accept at least 90% of trip requests to retain your account status.


Maintaining a good acceptance rate is one of the easiest parts of using the Uber app. Every time you get a trip request, you should accept it. Only go online when you are already in your car and ready to begin taking trips. Make sure your phone is in an easy-to-see place with the volume all the way up between trips so that you don't miss any requests.

ignoring trips

If you ignore two trip requests in a row, we will take this as an indication that you do not want to be online with Uber, and will temporarily log you off the system. For most partners - you will be able to log back on immediately. However - if you received a notification that your acceptance rate is below 70%, you will have to wait 2 minutes before getting access to your account. If you change your mind and decide that you do want to be online, you will be able to go back into your account after 2 minutes.

Try to accept as many trips as you can when you are online. If you don’t want to accept trips - simply sign off and take a break. Our data shows that partners who accept at least 90% of trips earn 40% more than partners with acceptance rates below 90%.