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Pilot projects and requirements

Following the announcement by the Quebec Government of a pilot project for Uber, please take note of the informations below that all Uber partners must comply with.
  1. Passengers with disabilities:
    • All our partners must accomodate passengers with disabilities and it is forbidden to deny a ride to someone with a disability
    • You must accommodate passengers with a special needs pet and make sure you provide a safe experience
  2. Document to keep with you when driving:
    • Always keep with you the vehicle inspection document
    • An Uber sticker will have to be placed at the bottom of your vehicle rear shield. Uber will communicate with you when to start using it.
  3. Rules while driving:
    • You can not use the bus or taxi lines
    • You can not accept a ride hailed from the street
    • You can only accept requests through a mobile app
  4. GST and QST:
    • All Uber partners must provide their GST and QST numbers to be able to drive with Uber
    • The Uber partners can provide existing GST-QST numbers or fill a form sent by email to have Uber requesting them on their behalf
    • GST and QST are charged on all Uber trips and the partners are using the quick accounting method, according to the agreement between Uber and Revenu Quebec

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