Where do I pick up my bag?

We want to launch the new service smoothly with you, as a partners; to ensure this we have made it easy for you to come and pick up your delivery bag.   There are two locations where this can be done:

Uber HQ - Toronto

Another location is the Uber HQ on Adelaide West. When arriving at 312 Adelaide, Suite 200. Please be aware parking is challenging however there is public parking along Adelaide (outside of rush hour) in various locations and also on Widmer Street.


How long will this take and when can I come?

The whole process of registering your vehicle and picking up your bag should not take more than 10 minutes, if possible please read the FAQ for further information before picking up the bag. The PSC office at 312 Adelaide Street West is open 10am-6pm Monday to Saturday (public holidays may disrupt this).

Will the bag cost me anything?

The bag is $62.50, taken in two installments from your partner account. If you didn’t want to continue for any reason you can return the bag, to 312 Adelaide Street West and, if within 3 weeks we can refund the purchase.