UberEATS welcomes cyclists in Toronto!

Get paid to work out while being your own boss. No shifts!



STEP 2: COME see us in persoN

312 Adelaide St. W, Suite 200: M-F 10am-6pm or Sat 10am-3pm

When you come in person please bring:

  1. Proof of Work Eligibility (e.g. passport, birth certificate, PR card, work permit, social insurance card)
  2. A second piece of photo ID
  3. A delivery bag to be approved by our team if you don't want to use the Uber bag.

You'll also be required to complete a criminal background check.

STEP 3: Start biking!

Where is it available?

  • North to Dupont
  • East to DVP
  • South to Lake Ontario
  • West to Dufferin

When is it available?

  • 24/7, the app is available all the time. Peak times are lunch and dinner especially on weekends.
  • You control your own schedule, just "go online" within the designated area and you will start getting requests!
Bike delivery boundaries.

Bike delivery boundaries.

The more red the spot the more orders to that location!

The more red the spot the more orders to that location!


Once you have completed your account you will be able to refer your friends through the app! Check your app for the latest referral amount.

How it works

Pro Tips

  • To pick the best route use the Google Maps bike route feature
  • Buy a portable phone charger to avoid running out of batteries on long trips
  • Provide us with feedback using the in-app support function

Curbside Cycle Discounts

An uberEATS exclusive partnership with Curbside Cycle (421 Bloor St. W) gives all active UberEATS cyclists access to special deals!

*To redeem your discount please mention the UBER RIDER code and present a pay statement from within the last month

More questions?

Drop by our Toronto office Monday-Saturday at 312 Adelaide St. West to talk to an Uber representative or email support@uber.com.