AGE: You must be 21 years of age or older.

VEHICLE: Must be a 4-door, 2006 or newer.

3 YEAR DRIVERS ABSTRACT: No major convictions, no more than 2 minor convictions over past 3 years.

DRIVERS LICENSE: Class 1, 2, or 4.


LIVERY VEHICLE REGISTRATION (CLASS 1-55): Vehicle must not be rebuilt. This is a special registration, see the FAQs below for more info.

COMPLETE BACKGROUND CHECK: After you have provided a background check consent (we'll send you a text when you sign up), head to the livery office at 100, 2116-27 Ave NE between Monday and Friday 8am - 4:30pm and ask to get your background check completed for Uber. 

AN E.L.V.I.S. VEHICLE CHECK: This is an Enhanced Livery Vehicle Inspection Standards report completed by a certified mechanic.

PROOF OF WORK ELIGIBILITY: Passport, SIN Card, Birth Certificate, Permanent Residency Card, Citizenship Card, Citizenship Certificate, Work Permit, Study Permit. 

If you have any questions about the process or documents you need, please come visit us at the Greenlight Hub! 



What is a Livery Vehicle Registration (Class 1-55)?
A Livery Vehicle Registration (Class 1-55) is a type of registration distributed by the province to those providing ride for hire services. More info here.


Where can I get a Livery Vehicle Registration (Class 1-55) registration?
All registries in Alberta should be equipped to handle this type of registration change.


Is switching registrations expensive?
The cost may vary, but typically you can expect it to cost around $25. 


What is the wait time for a new registration?
Once you go to the registry and ask for this new registration, you should receive it immediately upon payment.


Can I keep my old license plate?
You will need to update the license plate on your vehicle to match your new registration. However, you may keep your old license plate. The cost of a new license plate is included in the registration cost. 

What does a Livery Vehicle Registration look like?
A Livery Vehicle Registration looks almost identical to other Alberta Vehicle Registrations with a few key differences.
  Seen here:

1. In "SECTION 1" under "CLASS" there is a number "1";  2. Under "TYPE OF OPERATION" there is the word "Livery"; 3. The licence plate number will start with the letter "L"

1. In "SECTION 1" under "CLASS" there is a number "1"; 
2. Under "TYPE OF OPERATION" there is the word "Livery";
3. The licence plate number will start with the letter "L"



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