Getting Your Class 4 Driver's License

Steps To Obtain A Class 4 Driver's License 

There are three separate steps to complete to obtain a class 4 driver's license. 

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Class 4 Medical Check

The first step is to complete and pass the medical check for motor vehicle operators. This form certifies that you are medically able to operate a class 4 vehicle. The form can be completed by any physician and must be filled out in its entirety. Medical checks will vary in cost per physician. You will need to bring this completed form to your Class 4 Road Test.  

Class 4Medical 

Book an appointment with either your family doctor or stop by any walk-in clinic and request a class 4 medical. The cost ranges between $80 - $140 and suggest calling before booking an appointment

Class 4 Knowledge Test 

The second step is to complete and pass the Class 4 knowledge test. The knowledge test questions are based on information from the Commercial Driver's Guide and the Driver's Guide. The test is 30 multiple choice questions and the applicant must score a minimum of 25 correct responses to pass. You will need to bring your passed Class 4 Knowledge Test to your Class 4 Road Test. Registries encourage drivers to spend time studying for this knowledge test. 

Class 4 Road Test

The third step is to complete and pass the Class 4 Road Test. You will only be able to complete a road test if you have passed both your Class 4 Knowledge Test and medical check; you are required to bring both forms to your Class 4 Road Test. You can book your Class 4 Road Test at any Alberta Registry. See below for a list of Calgary Registries. 

Each registry will have a different booking process for Class 4 Road Tests. You will need to provide valid insurance and registration, and your vehicle must be in good working condition (each registry has different qualifications regarding vehicle conditions). Please confirm with your chosen registry its specific policies and qualifications before your take your road test. 

Upload Class 4 License

The last step to complete is to provide Uber with a copy of your new Class 4 License. Click below to upload your documents to your driver profile. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Class 4 Drivers License and what does it allow me to drive? 

Class 4 is considered a professional license, which allows you to drive:

  • A taxi, an ambulance or bus (including school or kindergarten) where seating capacity is not over 24 (excluding the operator)
  • All motor vehicles included under Class 5 
  • All motor vehicles included under Class1, 2, 3, and 6, for learning only 


What are the qualifications needed to apply for my Class 4 License? 

You have to be at least 18 years of age. You may not apply for a Class 4 driver's license as a probationary driver (GDL).


I am Class 1 or 2, can I still drive Uber?

Yes, you are able to drive for Uber. Please visit the office and complete an EPS background check before you can hit the road. Already have an EPS background check within 90 days? Please bring that to the office and we’ll add it to your file.


Still Have Questions? 

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