Combined trips help reduce your downtime and increase your earning potential. There are two types of combined trips:

  1. Batched Trips

  2. Advanced Requests

Remember: for all combined trips, click on the clipboard icon to see the correct order of pick-ups and drop-offs

1. Batched Trips

Batched trips are two pick-ups from the same restaurant, with two different drop-off locations.

  • You will receive the second request while en route to the restaurant. Accept this request and continue onto the restaurant to pick up both orders

  • There will be two separate customers. It is important to keep track of which order belongs to which customer

2. Advanced Requests

Advanced requests allow you to accept your next trip before your current trip is over.

  • After you accept, you will complete your current trip before driving to the next restaurant
  • It is important to follow the instructions in the app and complete your first trip before picking up the next order

Pro Tips

  • Batched and Advanced Request trips give you even more earning potential

  • Always follow the instructions in the app; it will tell you what to do next

  • Contact Uber Support (1.800.617.1979) if anything is unclear