Our insulated bag has been specially chosen to ensure that food stays hot or cold and arrives to the customer as fresh as possible.

If you still have to pick up a bag, visit any of our Partner Support Centres during these times.

Packing Food In The Bag

To ensure the customer always receives a 5-star experience, please follow these handy tips for packing food into the delivery bag.


Ensure you carefully place the food flat. Placement like this is correct.

If a pizza is placed horizontally the toppings will run off; and if a soup is placed on it's side it may spill! Placement like this is INCORRECT

Cost of the Bag

The bag is $15.00. This is the true cost of the bag, Uber does not charge any mark up. 

If for any reason you are unhappy with Uber Delivery, you can return your clean bag to any Partner Support Centre for a full refund.

Pro Tips

  • Always bring your insulated bag with you if you plan to accept delivery requests

  • Bring your bag with you into the restaurant so they can verify you are an Uber Delivery Partner; restaurant may refuse to give you the order if you do not bring your bag inside

  • Gently place food into the bag to avoid spillage and to ensure a 5-star customer experience