Following the recent developments related to a pilot project for Uber in Quebec, the information below might be change in the coming days.


It's almost time to get on the road!

Click below for instructions on: downloading the Uber-Partner App, inputting your banking information, downloading your driver welcome kit, learning where & when to drive - plus additional driver resources! 

Download the Uber-Partner App 

Click below for instructions for Android phones & iPhones:

How to Input Banking Information 

Partners are paid weekly by direct deposit. 

Click below for instructions as to how to upload your banking information. 

Your Partner Welcome Guide

Our Welcome Guide, includes everything you need to know - how to accept and complete a trip, how to maximize your earnings, how to keep track of your pay statements on your partner dashboard, how to maintain a 5-star rating, and additional frequently asked questions. 

Click below for a copy of your Uber Welcome Guide:

Completing a Vehicle Inspection with SAAQ 

Every Uber partner is required to complete a vehicle inspection before starting to drive. 

Drivers must complete the inspection with the SAAQ inspection form. 

Click below for details on how to complete the inspection and for information on inspection locations: 

Where & When to Drive 

The best times to earn are during peak hours in locations with high demand. 

Click below for details by city of where and when to drive!

Additional Uber Partner Resources

We have plenty of great additional partners resources - training videos, tips & tricks, and frequently asked questions.

Click below for additional resources: