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What Items Do I have?

  • You can always check you inventory. If it does match to what you really have, please give us a call. 

Going Online with Instant EATS

  • Drive to coverage area (see map on the below):

    • East of Keele, South of Dupont, West of DVP

    • IMPORTANT  You will not receive requests outside of your designated coverage area

Instant EATS Service Area. 

Instant EATS Service Area. 

  • Go online using your EATS Vehicle

    • In your app: “Select a different vehicle” -->  Choose license plate ending in "_EATS"

  • Accept requests --> Meet users curbside --> Hand them their meal

    • EATS requests are similar to courier deliveries, the details of the order are within the partner app.

    • IMPORTANT  Don't forget to include any cutlery or condiments from the side pocket of the bag

  • IMPORTANT  Package items in brown paper bags for multiple meals

Example of a curbside delivery.

Example of a curbside delivery.

Returning Instant EATS Bags and Inventory

  • You will are guaranteed for two hours, starting from your arrival at the restaurant at $20 per hour. 

    • You will be paid $4 for every trip you complete. 

  • If you do not sell out your entrees please feel free to return then! 
  • Once finished please return to324 Cherry St, Toronto, ON M5A 3L2