What happens if I can't find the customer?

Don't worry, usually the customer is reachable through phone or text message. The best way to make sure the food is delivered is to call/text the customer if you cannot find them - just click on the Clipboard Icon in the upper righthand corner of your app for their contact info! After that, we recommend waiting10 minutes for the customer to show up. If the customer is not there after 10 minutes, call support before cancelling the trip.

Do I have to deliver to the door?

UberEATS is a door-to-door service which means that both the pick up and the drop off go to the restaurant and customer’s door. Unlike Instant Delivery, customers don’t like it when they are asked to come to the curb. Try your best to find a safe and legal parking space before heading inside, more information can be found here.

Help! A customer wants to change their address!

Currently, UberEATS customers have no way to change their address in the app, so customers may call or text you with a new address. Go ahead and deliver their order to the new address- no worries!

If the new address seems significantly farther away, give us a call at 1.800.617.1979 and one of our support representatives will let you know whether or not the address is in our service area. Once the trip is completed, just write in directly from your app and let us know the new address you delivered to, and we’ll be happy to adjust your fare.

Will Uber pay for my parking ticket?

We understand this is the greatest fear of new delivery drivers and we recommend reading through the Parking Safe section. Uber will not cover parking tickets incurred for parking illegally.

Am I allowed to accept tips?

Absolutely! Many of our top partners are earning tips through UberEATS delivery for providing 5-star service. But please keep in mind that tips are not required or expected from our UberEATS customers. 

Still Have Questions? 

No problem! You can reach out to us through in-app support or by emailing couriers@uber.com. If you are on a trip and need immediate support, use our delivery partner hotline at: 1.800.617.1979.