Signing Into Your Vehicle

You're almost ready to start earning through UberEATS delivery! Here's how to sign in:

  • Step 1: Go offline first
  • Step 2: Click on "Account", then "Change Vehicle" (check out this gif below to see how to change your vehicle)
  • Step 3: Click on the vehicle you want to sign into

Remember: if you are also an uberX driver, you can sign in to your primary vehicle (the one without "COURIER" at the end) to qualify for both uberX and delivery trips. This allows you to make up to 10% more earnings!

Pro Tips

  • If you are also qualified for uberX, use X-Dispatch to increase your earning potential

  • Sign onto delivery during lunch and dinner to receive priority for delivery trips

  • Always ensure that you have your insulated bag when signing into delivery