Why are you reducing uberX prices this summer?

This is one of the many ways we're making it busier this summer. Our Marketing team is working day and night to build partnerships with bars and restaurants and these price promotions are just one part of building demand. You're going to see us at events and festivals signing up as many riders as we can! 

Won't this negatively impact our earnings?

What we have seen in other cities is increased rider demand improves earnings for partners. See the example below showing the impact a 10% price reduction had to uberX partners in Montreal. For every hour on the road, they did 52% more trips, which resulted in a 40% increase to hourly earnings. Pretty awesome, right? 

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 10.11.07 AM.png

Does this pricing change impact uberXL?

No! The summer price promotion only impacts uberX



We've seen in other markets, that lowering prices leads to more trips, and higher earnings for partners.
Outcomes that are better for both riders and drivers.

Uber Edmonton