What happens if a rider is accidentally injured as I’m helping them to or from the car?

UberAssist riders are protected by Uber's commercial liability insurance while entering and exiting vehicles at their requested pickup and drop off locations.

Always take the necessary precautions to ensure the rider is ok in the event of a fall.

What if my car isn’t big enough to hold my uberASSIST rider’s mobility equipment?

All vehicles should be able to accommodate an assistive device, such as a folding wheelchair or scooter. If your vehicle cannot fit what your rider’s assistive device is asking you to carry, we encourage you to cancel the trip and email us at to let us know why and avoid a cancellation fee.
If you must cancel, please be very respectful to the customer and help them order another car.

Do I have to allow service animals into the car?

Yes. This is a requirement for every trip whether it is uberASSIST or not.

How much should I help/handle riders getting in/out of car?

It's important to remember to always ask before physically assisting a rider. We recommend that you offer to provide your arm to help guide or help the rider find their balance when walking or getting up from a chair into a car. You should not physically lift anyone out of a wheelchair or a scooter.

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