Read below for answers to some of our most frequently asked questions:

How long should I wait for a rider?

You should wait at least 5 minutes for any rider. If the rider does not show up after 5 minutes and you’ve contacted them (call and text), you may cancel the trip and report the rider as a “No show”. In this case the rider will be charged a $5 cancellation fee.


What if there are multiple stops & the rider changes the destination?

If there are multiple stops on a trip, that’s totally fine. Your fare is calculated based on time and distance so the destination entry by the rider has no effect on your fare. You can keep the trip going and end the trip once you reach the riders final destination.


What if a rider makes a mess in my car?

Go into your app, click on “Account” and then “Help”. Go into your “Trip History” and find the associated trip; click on “I had an issue with the rider” and then “Request a Cleaning Fee”. Please immediately take a picture of the mess and include a description in the ticket. Please submit a ticket through the app within 48 hours.


What if too many people try to get in my car?

Politely explain that you can only fit as many people as seat belts in your car. You can encourage the group to request a second Uber.  This can be a good opportunity to give out your promo code!


How does the payment process work?

The fare for every trip is calculated by Uber and payments are made via direct deposit into your bank account every Thursday. To enter or update your bank information, visit or log into your partner dashboard at and select “Banking” from the left hand side.


Can I have my spouse or another passenger in my vehicle?

You cannot have any additional passengers in your vehicle. When riders requests a trip, their expectation is to fit as many passengers in the vehicle as allowed.  

How do taxes work?

As an independent contractor, you are responsible for registering and remitting any applicable tax on the services you offer. Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) rules require any independent contractor who earns more than $30,000 in a calendar quarter and over the last four consecutive calendar quarters to collect and remit HST. If you fall below this threshold, as most part-time uberX partners do, you qualify as a “small supplier” and do not have to collect HST. More info here.