UberEATS has Launched in Ottawa


UberEATS has launched and we want to make sure that you have all the information you need to be ready for deliveries! We hope you’re as excited as we are!

Here you will find information on the following

  • How earnings will work
  • When and where to drive
  • How to switch your profile to get different types of trips
  • Key things to pay attention to in your app

How earnings will work

The individual components of delivery fares are higher given that you will be spending more time getting in and out of your vehicle. The distance portion of the fare for delivery will be based on the shortest route from the restaurant to the customer, and not distance driven. Your regular service fee will apply to these fares.

When and where to drive

UberEATS will be available from 10am - 10pm. You should expect delivery requests to get really busy between 11am - 1pm for lunch and 6pm - 9pm for dinner. 

Most of our restaurants are going to be in downtown Ottawa so that's the best place to start to get delivery requests! Click below for a map!

How to switch your profile to get different types of trips

We have created three profiles on your account that allow you to set your preferences. You can tell the difference based on the label at the end of your license plate. Your default profile will get all types of trips! 

Your profiles:

  • YourVehicle_Courier: Delivery Only Trips
  • YourVehicle_Rides: People Only Trips
  • YourVehicle: All Trips

In your partner app, click on "Account" and then click "Change" on your vehicle to display your profiles. Click the link below to see pictures of what this looks like!

Key things to pay attention to in your app

Swipe up when you get an order. Watch out for important details such as pickup and dropoff locations, order # (restaurants will ask you for this), and contact information. 

Pay attention to special instructions. It often provides great tips on parking and how to access restaurants or customers. 

We are here for you. Use in-app support to get help when you need it. If you have questions during a delivery, you can also reach us at 1-800-584-2755.