My name is Ian Black, and I’m the General Manager of Uber Toronto. It’s been another busy week for Uber in Toronto, so I am writing you to keep you up to date on what’s happening with Uber in the city.



It was a great week for Uber driver partners, as Toronto City Council voted to welcome ridesharing to Toronto and begin creating regulations for ridesharing. This means that we are on track for ridesharing to become regulated in Toronto - a big victory! As the City regulates Uber, it should have little or no impact on our driver-partners, but it will encourage more riders across the city to start using ridesharing.

THANK YOU to everybody who emailed, called, tweeted or spoke to your City Councillor. And thank you to everybody who signed our petition and encouraged your riders, family and friends to sign the petition. The huge wave of public support for Uber is exactly why City Council voted in favour of welcoming ridesharing in Toronto.



My favourite part of the week was hanging out with the 100+ Uber partners who came to City Hall this Wednesday. Every Uber partner was positive and friendly….a great reflection on the Uber experience. It’s no wonder customers across Toronto are happy with their Uber drivers!

You may also have read that at the City Council meeting, a motion - led by taxi supporter Councillor Karygiannis - asked Uber to voluntarily stop operating in Toronto. Given the number of people who rely on Uber in the city for transportation and income, we declined this offer and will continue operating while we work with the City to create ridesharing regulations.

Also this week in London, Ontario, the local government voted to create smart regulations for ridesharing! Also, Australia’s capital city passed ridesharing regulations this week. Progress is happening around Canada and the world.

Fall weather started this week and demand across the city is picking up - Uber partners are busier than ever. To keep up with more demand, we need more Uber driver partners! That’s why we’re increasing referral incentives for new Uber drivers - refer a friend or family member in the next two weeks to receive the extra high referral incentive.


Until next week,


Friday, September 25th, 2015


This upcoming week is the most important one in the history of Uber in Toronto. CIty Council will vote on whether to embrace ridesharing, and create smart regulations. This is an important week for all of us; 16,000 uberX driver-partners, 400,000+ Uber riders and 40+ Uber staff.

First off, I want to be clear. Regardless of the outcome of the vote, your ability to work on the uberX platform will not be affected in the short-term. And we remain as committed as ever to ensuring that ridesharing has a long-term place in Toronto. But a “yes” vote this week will have huge positive impacts for ridesharing in Toronto.

I encourage every driver partner to talk with their passengers over the next few days about the City Hall vote this coming Wednesday. Ask them if they have signed the petition. Ask them if they have emailed their city councillor. If they haven’t, encourage them to do both of those things and tell their family and friends to do the same.

Information will be coming soon for anybody interested in attending the City Hall meeting on Wednesday Sept. 30 and Thursday Sept. 31. I hope to see you there.



In case you missed it, this week, President Obama’s former campaign manager, and one of Uber’s senior leaders, David Plouffe, was in Toronto. He met with many local leaders to share with them how ridesharing is positively impacting communities around the world and how over 60 cities and states have already regulated ridesharing. David sat down with CTV News to discuss Uber and the future of transportation. I encourage you to read the article and watch the video!

Last week, many of you submitted great questions. The most popular topics were insurance, HST, rates, safety and tolls - all important topics. Because each of there is a lot of detail on each of these topics, we will send a dedicated email on each topic in the coming two weeks. Look forward to receiving them soon.


Enjoy your weekend and Uber on!


September 18th, 2015

It’s been a great week for drive-partner earnings; the city has been buzzing with TIFF and the start of school. And Uber’s been in the news as City Council is back debating Uber.

On September 30, City Council will vote on whether they support uberX in Toronto. The Uber community - riders, drivers and the public - are encouraging the City to adopt sensible regulations recommended by City Staff (known as recommendation #8). This will ensure uberX can continue to operate in a way that gives the City oversight.

The taxi industry, with Councillors Karygiannis and Mammoliti, are trying to shut down Uber in Toronto. At a committee meeting this week, the two Councillors unfairly bullied uberX drivers, telling them to “get out” of their ward, before voting against Uber at their committee meeting. This vote can be reversed at the September 30, City Council meeting.

During this week at the City’s Licensing Committee, Councillors Karygiannis and Mammoliti made various allegations about Uber. Below are the topics they brought up. These are important issues for you to be able to talk about as a member of the Uber community, so please read on.


Until next time, Uber On!

- Ian Black





Question: Is Uber legal?

Yes. In June 2015, the Ontario Superior court ruled that Uber is operating legally and always has been.


Question: What is happening with the city of Toronto?

Earlier this month, Toronto's Municipal Licensing and Standards (MLS) Division released a report that suggested regulations for uberX. Licensing Committee voted on these recommendations this week, and voted against Uber - but this has no immediate impact, except to push the vote to City Council. City Council will vote on these recommendations - and vote “yes” or “no” to Uber - on Sept. 30.


Question: Why are drivers receiving tickets?

Until new city bylaws are written, there have been a few very rare cases where a driver gets a ticket for non-criminal bylaw infractions (similar to a parking ticket, with no demerit points or record). If Uber partners receive a bylaw ticket for driving on the Uber platform we help them resolve it. Partners have Uber's full support.



Question: Do I need to pay tax?

As an independent contractor in Ontario, you are responsible for registering and remitting any applicable tax on the services you offer. Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) rules require any independent contractor who earns more than $30,000 in a calendar quarter and over the last four consecutive calendar quarters to collect and remit HST. If you fall below this threshold, as most part-time uberX partners do, you qualify as a “small supplier” and do not have to collect HST. More info here.

During tax season, we will send you an earnings summary for your records. Last year we also partnered with H&R Block to provide partners a discount on tax advice. Also, you should know, Uber fulfills all it’s own tax obligations as a company.



Question: Can you clarify the insurance coverage?

As you already know, every uberX ride is covered by insurance. Your personal insurance is primary coverage when driving uberX. Every ride is also backed by $5,000,000 of Uber’s contingent coverage for bodily injury and property damage to third parties. Across over a million uberX rides a month, insurance on uberX is in place and keeping all parties safe and protected.


Question: What’s the recent insurance announcement Uber made?

Uber has recently partnered with Intact Financial (Canada's largest auto insurer) to develop insurance products designed specifically for ridesharing in Canada that we hope will come to market soon.


Question: What happens if I get into an accident?

After an accident, contact us by email as soon as you’re able to. Our accident team will help you submit claims, complete an incident report, and get back on the road. Our team will continue working with you through the claim being settled and closed.


If you have any more specific questions, please submit them below and I’ll address popular topics next week!

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