Everything you need to know about K-days!

K-Days is almost here! It's going to be an incredibly busy 10 days for Uber, and we want driver partners to be well prepared!

Below is your guide to everything K-Days: from events throughout the week, to dropping off at Northlands and Parade Day road closures.


K-Days runs from July 17th - July 26th and takes place at Northland's Park (7515 118 Ave NW) and is open from 12PM - 12AM. There are a number of events taking place throughout the day and expect requests to be higher than normal! For more information about the events taking place at Northlands Park, click here. Late night events and concerts have been listed below:

Drop off locations and K-days entrances::

East Drop-off: 116 Avenue and Wayne Gretzky Drive
 South & West Drop-Off: 112 Avenue and 73 or 79 Street


There will be road closures downtown Friday morning from 7AM - 11AM! Your turn-by-turn navigation will be unaware of the road closures; please be aware which roads will be closed during the morning.