• Don't touch a mobility device or person without asking. We also recommend you ask where they prefer storing their device.
  • Be patient; give the person time to make his or her own way.
  • Always remember WALL  (Watch, Ask, Listen, Learn)

Manual wheelchairs

Remember to always ASK the customer if they'd like you to help them store fold/store their chair. If they'd like help, always ASK the best way.


  • Collapsable usually by removing the seat cushion and pulling up the seat. Also potentially by moving a release bar or pulling a cord.
  • Stow in the trunk or behind the seat. Do not lift by the wheel.
  • Put back into position by pressing on the inside of the seat with each hand. 

Watch this video for a refresher on storing a folding wheelchair



  • Ask before providing assistance.
  • Rear wheels have a button in the middle of the wheel for removal. Push the button in, hold and pull the wheel straight out.
  • To replace the wheel, keep the button depressed until the wheel is in place. Then release and give the wheel a tug to make sure it is securely fashioned.

Watch this video for a refresher on storing a manual wheelchair


Watch this video for tips on how to fold and store a scooter

OTHER physical disabilities 

With any agility and physical abilities, the key is to get out of your car and ASK how you can help!

Most assistive devices can be stored in the trunk and if they need to folded - just ASK how.