Riders have high expectations towards the quality of the service that is given to them. Among such expectations, riders are looking for :

  • A clean and well maintained vehicle;
  • A courteous attitude from the partner drivers;
  • A reasonable and reliable estimated time of arrival;
  • A good knowledge of the city from partner drivers.

We prepared you several other tips in order to help you get 5-star trips.



At the end of each trip, you can assign a note, from 1 to 5 stars, to riders based on your satisfaction of your experience during the trip. Riders are also able to assign you a score according to their satisfaction.

The rating is an indispensable tool for ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction and fostering an environment advocating excellence. The following figure shows the distribution of notes Uber platform.


The average rating of Uber partner drivers is 4.70.

If your score is above 4.70: congratulation you're offering an excellent service to riders!

If your score is between 4.50 and 4.70: appointment adequate service to users but you can do better!

If your rating is below 4.50: You can do much better for you to raise quality standards required!

If you're struggling to reach the average of 4.70, you can come see us at the partner support center for advice from one of our representatives. We also encourage you to review our tips for a 5-star trip and also the fundamental rules on the Uber platform.