At the end of each ride, the rider will rate you from 1 to 5 stars. If they give a rating of 3 stars or less they will be prompted to provide specific feedback by pressing a range of options. These include:

  • Water and gum – this is the Uber standard around the world. Riders absolutely love it when you offer them water and gum. More often than not they don’t take them – they just like to be asked! It’s a very small investment in spreading the Uber love far and wide!
  • Inefficient route – this is our number one complaint from riders. It is important that you use a GPS and pay attention to where you are going. For many trips we now also have in-built navigation in the rider app. 
  • Car cleanliness – your car wants to be clean and smelling fresh at all times. It should be something you take pride in!
  • Mount your phone – riders like to see your Uber phone when they get in the car. It reconfirms that they’ve got the right driver, not to mention it makes it easier for you to operate!
  • Professionalism – are you well-presented, drive carefully, open doors when possible and help riders with their luggage? Then you are a professional!
  • Attitude – be yourself but also be friendly and polite. Most riders love to chat but also be aware of the times when they are tired and prefer peace and quiet.

If you focus on doing all of the above every time, your rating should never be an issue. For more information please watch the above video.


The great thing about Uber is the flexibility of work – it’s completely up to you when, where, and for how long you go online. However, as a condition of using the software, it is important that partners are delivering the great service that our riders expect. If the level of service isn’t up to rider expectations they stop using the system, which means less trips for partners.

In order to help you maintain a high star rating we conduct regular quality checks on a range of metrics. If you are performing under rider expectations in any metric we may ask you to come into the office so we can provide you with specific feedback in order to help you improve.

Zero tolerance

Safety is our number one priority. As such there are some actions that are unacceptable on the system. There are some actions that are unacceptable on the Uber platform.

  1. Inappropriate behaviour. Uber is a community of many cultures, races, and religions. Be mindful of the language you use, topics of conversation and your body language as peoples perceptions may be different to your own.
  2. Contacting a rider once a trip is complete. If you need to get in a touch with a rider once a trip is complete (ie. if they left an item in the car) please do not contact them directly. Instead send an email to your cities email address and we’ll get in touch for you.
  3. Accepting cash. Riders love Uber because of the ease of payment. If you have technically difficulties on a trip don’t worry, we can fix it up for you one the trips complete. Never compensate for technical issues by accepting cash.
  4. Drive on the wrong account. You go through a number of background checks in order to become an Uber partner. Please make sure you never drive on the someone else’s account or have someone else drive on your account.
  5. Drive on the wrong vehicle. You cannot drive any vehicle that is not listed in your account. If you’d like to add a second vehicle just send us in the documents and we’ll add it to your account!
  6. Calling a rider for a destination. You get given the riders pick up address when you accept a job but will not know where they’re going until you pick them up. Never call a rider and ask them where they’re going before you arrive at their pick up location.

If any of the above occur you may lose access to the Uber Partner app.

Star rating

Your star rating is a great way to see what riders think of the services you’re providing – you should be proud of it! The average partner rating in Ontario is 4.65. If your rating falls below what is expected, we may ask you to come into the office so we can provide you with some tailored feedback.

If your rating continues to be below average you may lose access to the Uber Partner app.

Acceptance rate

Part of providing a 5 star service is providing a reliable ride. Even if your rating is very good, if you’re not accepting every trip request that comes through to you you’re making the Uber system unreliable. You should be aiming for an acceptance rate of at least 90%.

If your acceptance rate is below average you may lose access to the Uber Partner app.