Step 1: Get Get out of the car, WATCH the customer, greet them, and identify yourself:

“Hi, I’m ________ your uberASSIST driver. How are you today?” 

STep 2: ASK the customer if they would like some assistance, then ask how you might best assist them:

“Would you like some assistance today?” ... “How might I assist you?”

step 3: LISTEN carefully to their answer, then explain the procedure before assisting

“So you suggest I pull on the seat to fold up your wheelchair?”

ARRIVED!: Once you’ve reached the destination, ask the customer how you can best assist them exit the car and reach the door:

“We’ve arrived! How can I be of any assistance to the door?” 

Things to consider at your destination:

  1. Flat level ground (e.g. no slanted driveways)

  2. Avoid step curb (try to avoid a gap between car wheel and curb)

  3. Clear path of travel (avoid parking beside obstacles like snow or puddles)