Uber welcomes taxi drivers to uberX

Uber is committed to creating a fair, safe and transparent platform for all drivers



$4,000 net for each of your first 3 months

If you work 50 hours per week, we guarantee you take home $20/hour (post Uber fees) in your first three months – that’s $4,000! We’re confident you will earn more than $4,000, but if you don’t we’ll pay the difference.

If you choose to work fewer than 50 hours in a week, we will guarantee hourly take-home earnings for your first three months at a rate of $20 per hour, with the same conditions, for the hours you drive.

In order to qualify for these guarantees, drivers will need to meet standard and fair conditions that are in place to protect a good rider experience (pass Uber’s criminal and MVR screening screen, maintain a driver rating above 4.5, complete 2 trips / hour, not engage in fraud, and accept and complete 90% of requests from the Uber platform)

Earn more with uberX

$0 to sign up

No signup fees! Uber will cover the fee for the background check. Partners only pay a service fee on trips they complete.

Same 20% service fee as UberTAXI

Taxi drivers that join the uberX platform will have service fee set at the current uberTAXI rate of 20%

UberXL fares will be set to a 28% service fee structure.

Information on how to increase your earnings

Uber provides weekly information and real-time feedback on how to use the platform to maximize your earnings.


Uber Canada has purchased a new provincially-approved insurance policy from Intact Financial. Every ridesharing ride is covered by this policy. 

You do not need to purchase commercial insurance to meet the city’s requirement for ridesharing--you are only required to have your own private insurance.

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Use your personal vehicle

Use your personal vehicle to drive with uberX. We currently accept 4 door vehicles, 2009 or newer. The vehicle year requirement increases every year, the vehicle must be made within 7 years.  The vehicle cannot be rebuilt or salvaged.

Don’t have a personal vehicle? In the U.S. we have a vehicle financing program with a 30-day notice return policy, so our partners are not locked in. We’re exploring similar opportunities soon.

Limited Time Offer

This special package will be available until October 31, 2016 to any individual signing up for uberX with a valid Toronto Taxicab Driver’s License. The guaranteed hourly amounts will begin on the date of the driver’s first trip on uberX.

Qualifying partners must of activated their UberX accounts after May 2nd in order to qualify. Partners must take a first trip by Sunday, November 6th in order to qualify.