We apologize for the ongoing tech issues that we are experiencing today. Below you can find some answers to questions about the outage


1. Can I still go online?

Almost all partners will be able to go online and earn with Uber. Some partners may experience some errors as they try to go online. If so, please keep trying to go online. 


2. I have been taking trips but I don't see them in my trip history

This is normal. Your trips has still been logged and you will be paid for them. As we fix the issue the trips will begin to appear in your trip history


3. When will this be fixed?

We expect that the issue completely fixed very soon. In the mean time, you can continue to take trips. We will update you by text message when the issue is fixed


4. How do i make sure I get paid for these trips?

Please monitor your payment statement on Monday. All trips will be updated automatically. If you notice that a trip is missing, please notify Uber immediately by emailing