Toronto Regulations: FAQs

May 10, 2016

When will the regulations take effect?

The regulations do not take effect immediately; implementation date is mid-July 2016.  Until then, operations will continue in Toronto in order to provide riders with reliable and affordable transportation. We’ll notify you of any important dates as the implementation draws closer.


Will drivers need a special license to operate?

Drivers will not need a special Driver’s License to operate.  Uber will be licensed as a Private Transportation Company (PTC) and we will supply a list of active drivers to the City on a frequent basis.  Drivers who pass Uber’s screening process (unrestricted G license, clear background screening and passed vehicle inspection) will be granted a City license to operate as a PTC driver. 


Will the City impose fees?

Uber driver-partners will not have to pay any licensing fees directly to Uber or the City. However, there will be a fee of 30 cents per ride that will be added to the total fare and paid by your riders.  Uber will collect and remit this fee to the City.


Will there be mandatory training for drivers?

There is no mandatory, City-administered training for drivers, but Uber will continue to offer educational videos online.


How will vehicle insurance work?

We have been working closely with Intact Financial to develop a new and innovative insurance plan for ridesharing that will meet the City’s new requirement.   This insurance plan is undergoing regulatory approvals by the provincial insurance regulator.  If approved, this insurance program will be held by Uber and provide commercial insurance coverage on all Uber trips.  In the interim, every uberX ride in Canada continues to be covered by auto liability insurance with Uber’s current insurance provider. Uber maintains insurance for bodily injury and property damage to third parties and we also have a well established claim notification process.


Will my car qualify?

The City will impose a vehicle age cap of 7 years, which will not take effect immediately.  For now, all vehicles 10 years or newer remain eligible for uberX. We will send more information this summer to anybody with a vehicle older than 7 years old.


Will my vehicle require another inspection?

All vehicles must undergo an inspection based on criteria to be laid out by the City.  We will provide details (potential dates, locations, costs) in coming weeks. We’ll work hard to make this process efficient and affordable!


Will vehicles require cameras?

There will be no requirement for cameras in vehicles.