Tap on the link below to start the install

A pop-up will appear. Tap install

Open the app once the installation has finished. The following error message may appear. If so, navigate to the phone settings. 

Tap on General. 

Tap on Profile. 

You should see a field for ENTERPRISE APP and below that will be Intelleflex Corporation. Tap on Intelleflex Corporation. 

Tap on Trust “Intelleflex Corporation” NOTE - you must have internet connectivity in order to continue.

The following pop-up will appear. Tap on trust.

Tap on the home button and open the app.

Once the app finishes loading a pop-up asking for location services will appear. You must tap Allow or the app will not work properly.

If you see this popup, Bluetooth has been disabled. You must enable bluetooth to continue. You may do so by either tapping Settings or by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.